Ugg Cruelty Controversey

Do you know about the Ugg cruelty controversy? Well, worry less whether your answer is yes or no. Ugg cruelty to be accurate is a controversial fashion trend for the last six to eight years. We can say Ugg cruelty (winter boots and the fall) which have sheepskin interior and suede exterior have been a style for the last four decades (since 1970’s). Their origin is traced to be in Australia and New Zealand. It has been more popular among surfers as they have been using it to keep feet’s warm when they come out of freezing water. It was first sold in United States market by a surfer named Brian Smith, from there, the Ugg Boots became a huge fashion in the market.

Most college women and teenage girls own one or more pairs of Ugg Boots. Nowadays, the Ugg come in different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. It is unfortunate though to report that the making of these Ugg Boots is Cruel to the sheep. This has caused the product to lose clients. But what we need to ask ourselves is: is this rumor true?

Statistics and stories tell us that the merino sheep whose wool is being used to make the Ugg Boots sometimes are tortured until they die if at all they become a hassle in the process of getting their wool. Facts also tell us that since merino have to grow huge amount of wools, it end up creating folds in the skin of these sheep, the fold can either get a cut as the sheep undergoes shearing and the cuts are left as open wounds

The big question here is: How many times is this happening and is it true that it happens? Then if true, to how many sheep? The number is unknown, and the information might be exaggerated to some levels. What I can say is that the information is being given out so as to shock individuals out of purchasing animal made products. It is a way that is being tried so as to make some lasting impressions to the public. This is not relevant information to be reported to Ugg Boot lovers

The straight facts are here

• Merino sheep’s are not being killed for the boots. What is done is shearing only. It is well known to all of us that sheep become comfortable without the wool coat.

• Sheepskin refers only to sheep wool, not the actual skin

• The bottom and outside of the sheep boots are synthetic. So, there is a very minimal chance that a sheep could be harmed in the process of shearing

With the above facts, it is up to you to make a solid decision whether you are going to discard Ugg Boot for possibilities of animal cruelties or you are going to stick with the trend and go on putting on your wooly winter boots

To conclude, we can say the information given is just an eye opener. If you have a pair or pairs of Ugg boots, then go on wearing them comfortably. They are expensive, yes, but they are of very nice quality and always warm. If you have one pair, likely it caused no harm to the sheep. This matter comes down to you; it tests much on how extreme you are on activism scale of animals.

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