Origin of Ugg Boots

Ugg boots or Uggs as their devoted wearers of the shoes affectionately call them are one of the most popular styles of shoes ever to hit the markets world wide and they have taken the fashion world by storm and even the regular shoe buying public has caught on to the Ugg boot craze these days. Look in any fashion magazine or even any tabloid and you will see the super stars, music artistes, actors and other people in the public eye wearing Uggs at work and at play. Most paparazzi pictures of film stars these days have at least one pair of Uggs playing a starring role in the pictures such is the wide adoption of the shoes. The shoes are equally popular on both sides of the Atlantic in both Europe and North America and the United Kingdom and they are a house hold name nowadays in most countries and have assimilated themselves into pop culture completely.

This winter has seen the highest sales of Uggs ever as this has turned out to be one of the harshest winters ever witnesses or recorded in recent history and the severity of the cold has paralysed most of continental Europe and North America’s air traffic, rail traffic and even the roads have been covered with feet of snow in places that do not usually see snow. In the sub zero temperatures and the snowy weather there is only one shoe that is purpose built for going out and that is a pair of original Ugg boots. Built out of a pure sheep skin upper with fleece lining on the inside and a calf skin on the outside Uggs will keep your feet warm and dry and you immensely comfortable no matter how chilly the temperature is outside. With their soft rubber or synthetic soles they not only afford great traction in the icy conditions but are also comfortable enough to keep on all through the day whether you are trudging about through the snow or curled up in front of a fire.

The origins of Uggs are very disputed with both Australia and New Zealand claiming to be the originators of the Ugg boot. The term Ugg boots are in fact a generic term in those countries even though in the rest of the world the copyright of the term is held by an American company. No matter who owns the rights to the Uggs name though they remain one of the hottest selling and most adored styles of shoes to hit the markets in recent years.UGG boots were first made in Australia in the nineteenth century and since then they have been used by people for decades. At first, UGG footwear were introduced as well lined sheepskin boots that included woolen filler and a ring of wool at the front of the shoe which was used to keep the feet warm of the person wearing it. These boots were used to keep the feet warm in extreme cold areas and they served this purpose well.


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