Celebrities and their favorite Uggs

Ugg boots have defied time and are now becoming the ‘it’ thing in footwear fashion. Believe it or not, you can rock these fuzzy winter boots in any season; and match with anything in your closet. Sounds crazy, since most of us don’t see their beauty. However, celebs are proving that ugg boots are trendy and aren’t dying anytime soon. Here is a list of 10 celebs and their favorite uggs:

1. Rihanna.
Bad girl Riri isn’t just famous for her music, but also for her great fashion sense. The famous star was this January spotted in chic black-on-black ugg boots paired with black pants, a white tee, and Puma puffer at the airport. Vogue gave her credit for resurrecting the Ugg boot trend. Ironically, Riri had dissed the shoes three years ago.

2. Beyonce Knowles.
Queen Bee had to be on the list. She broke a fashion taboo back in the day when she wore Classic Tall brown Ugg boots together with a flirty pleated, brown mini skirt. The look was adorable.

3. Tom Brady.
The NFL quarterback star has proved ugg boots are unisex. Tom Brady doesn’t only wear Uggs while off duty, he is Ugg’s ambassador. He has appeared in numerous commercials showing his love for the trendy boots. Just any pair of ugg boots for men is Tom’s favorite.

4. Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
The Jenner sisters apart from being America’s favorite reality stars, they are fashion icons. The two girls were in late 2015 photographed in a UGG store in New York. At the store, Kendall paired Classic slim Ugg boots in chestnut with black leggings, a bomber jacket, and trapper hat.

5. Lady Gaga.
When she isn’t turning heads with meat dresses at awards, the pop star loves her Ugg boots. Lady Gaga proved that Uggs are also perfect for the beach. She was spotted in classic white Ugg boots, a bathrobe and a skimpy swimsuit along the sandy beach.

6. Hillary Duff.
You know how walking in heels doesn’t feel right when commuting on foot? Well, famous actress Hillary Duff can relate. She wore her favorite pair of cuffed shearing Uggs to work while filming ‘Younger’. She paired the boots with a matching brown buckled cape.

7. Blake Lively.
Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, mostly loves her Classic slim chestnut Uggs. Blake once went for a casual look rocking the popular winter boots with jeans. Blake isn’t shy to express her love for Uggs. She has on many other occasions wore the comfy shoes; on set and in Paris while shopping

8. Gisele Bundchen.
The renown Brazillian model/ actress is an example of how Uggs fit just any occasion. She wore her Classic Tall Uggs after a workout session.

9. Kate Hudson.
If you are one for skimpy floral dresses or jumpsuits, Ugg boots will complete your bomb look. ‘Almost Famous’ actress, Kate Hudson, looks fabulous in her Classic Tall grey Ugg Boots and short dress.

10. Olivia Culpo.
The gorgeous model sure knows that Ugg boots crown the business look. Her black zip up Classic Luxe Ugg boots completes her boss lady look.
Still think Ugg boots aren’t fashionable? I don’t believe so.





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