Celebrities and their favorite Uggs

Ugg boots have defied time and are now becoming the ‘it’ thing in footwear fashion. Believe it or not, you can rock these fuzzy winter boots in any season; and match with anything in your closet. Sounds crazy, since most of us don’t see their beauty. However, celebs are proving that ugg boots are trendy and aren’t dying anytime soon. Here is a list of 10 celebs and their favorite uggs:

1. Rihanna.
Bad girl Riri isn’t just famous for her music, but also for her great fashion sense. The famous star was this January spotted in chic black-on-black ugg boots paired with black pants, a white tee, and Puma puffer at the airport. Vogue gave her credit for resurrecting the Ugg boot trend. Ironically, Riri had dissed the shoes three years ago.

2. Beyonce Knowles.
Queen Bee had to be on the list. She broke a fashion taboo back in the day when she wore Classic Tall brown Ugg boots together with a flirty pleated, brown mini skirt. The look was adorable.

3. Tom Brady.
The NFL quarterback star has proved ugg boots are unisex. Tom Brady doesn’t only wear Uggs while off duty, he is Ugg’s ambassador. He has appeared in numerous commercials showing his love for the trendy boots. Just any pair of ugg boots for men is Tom’s favorite.

4. Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
The Jenner sisters apart from being America’s favorite reality stars, they are fashion icons. The two girls were in late 2015 photographed in a UGG store in New York. At the store, Kendall paired Classic slim Ugg boots in chestnut with black leggings, a bomber jacket, and trapper hat.

5. Lady Gaga.
When she isn’t turning heads with meat dresses at awards, the pop star loves her Ugg boots. Lady Gaga proved that Uggs are also perfect for the beach. She was spotted in classic white Ugg boots, a bathrobe and a skimpy swimsuit along the sandy beach.

6. Hillary Duff.
You know how walking in heels doesn’t feel right when commuting on foot? Well, famous actress Hillary Duff can relate. She wore her favorite pair of cuffed shearing Uggs to work while filming ‘Younger’. She paired the boots with a matching brown buckled cape.

7. Blake Lively.
Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, mostly loves her Classic slim chestnut Uggs. Blake once went for a casual look rocking the popular winter boots with jeans. Blake isn’t shy to express her love for Uggs. She has on many other occasions wore the comfy shoes; on set and in Paris while shopping

8. Gisele Bundchen.
The renown Brazillian model/ actress is an example of how Uggs fit just any occasion. She wore her Classic Tall Uggs after a workout session.

9. Kate Hudson.
If you are one for skimpy floral dresses or jumpsuits, Ugg boots will complete your bomb look. ‘Almost Famous’ actress, Kate Hudson, looks fabulous in her Classic Tall grey Ugg Boots and short dress.

10. Olivia Culpo.
The gorgeous model sure knows that Ugg boots crown the business look. Her black zip up Classic Luxe Ugg boots completes her boss lady look.
Still think Ugg boots aren’t fashionable? I don’t believe so.





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Ugg Cruelty Controversey

Do you know about the Ugg cruelty controversy? Well, worry less whether your answer is yes or no. Ugg cruelty to be accurate is a controversial fashion trend for the last six to eight years. We can say Ugg cruelty (winter boots and the fall) which have sheepskin interior and suede exterior have been a style for the last four decades (since 1970’s). Their origin is traced to be in Australia and New Zealand. It has been more popular among surfers as they have been using it to keep feet’s warm when they come out of freezing water. It was first sold in United States market by a surfer named Brian Smith, from there, the Ugg Boots became a huge fashion in the market.

Most college women and teenage girls own one or more pairs of Ugg Boots. Nowadays, the Ugg come in different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. It is unfortunate though to report that the making of these Ugg Boots is Cruel to the sheep. This has caused the product to lose clients. But what we need to ask ourselves is: is this rumor true?

Statistics and stories tell us that the merino sheep whose wool is being used to make the Ugg Boots sometimes are tortured until they die if at all they become a hassle in the process of getting their wool. Facts also tell us that since merino have to grow huge amount of wools, it end up creating folds in the skin of these sheep, the fold can either get a cut as the sheep undergoes shearing and the cuts are left as open wounds

The big question here is: How many times is this happening and is it true that it happens? Then if true, to how many sheep? The number is unknown, and the information might be exaggerated to some levels. What I can say is that the information is being given out so as to shock individuals out of purchasing animal made products. It is a way that is being tried so as to make some lasting impressions to the public. This is not relevant information to be reported to Ugg Boot lovers

The straight facts are here

• Merino sheep’s are not being killed for the boots. What is done is shearing only. It is well known to all of us that sheep become comfortable without the wool coat.

• Sheepskin refers only to sheep wool, not the actual skin

• The bottom and outside of the sheep boots are synthetic. So, there is a very minimal chance that a sheep could be harmed in the process of shearing

With the above facts, it is up to you to make a solid decision whether you are going to discard Ugg Boot for possibilities of animal cruelties or you are going to stick with the trend and go on putting on your wooly winter boots

To conclude, we can say the information given is just an eye opener. If you have a pair or pairs of Ugg boots, then go on wearing them comfortably. They are expensive, yes, but they are of very nice quality and always warm. If you have one pair, likely it caused no harm to the sheep. This matter comes down to you; it tests much on how extreme you are on activism scale of animals.

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What Should Ugg Make Next?

A few years ago, a then tiny boot brand generally are reserved for surfers in Australia burst onto the shoe scene. That brand was Ugg, a name simplify by surfers who appreciated the warm, fuzzy lining of the boots. Surfers in Australia depended on the warm insides of Ugg boots to keep their feet warm when they came out of the water, but no one thought of Uggs as fashionable at the time.Uggs are unisex sheepskin boots – they have fleece on the inside and a tanned outer surface with a rubber sole. They’re not waterproof, so they don’t do that well in the snow, which is ironic, because many Americans initially purchased their Uggs as snow boots.

A few years ago, tons of Hollywood celebrities gave Uggs a try, and just like that, the boots were everywhere! These days, you’ll find Ugg boots have gone high fashion – the retailer recently collaborated with shoe designer Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo to create a line of boots with studded stars and other fashionable finishes, like fringes.Uggs have gone from practical to fashionable in just a few years, and nowadays, the brand has way more than just boots. Now, you can get Ugg shoes, Ugg sandals, Ugg clogs, Ugg slippers – the list goes on and on. Below are some picks for the fall season.

Ugg Australia Womne’s Classic Short

The classic shorts, like their of taller relatives, are also a part of the boots that already have started it all. But they came next, in a shorter style that was popularized by college students all over the country, who could be seen sporting their Ugg boots with everything from denim miniskirts to tucked in sweatpants or black leggings.
You’ll also find a reinforced heel that will outlast the test of time. These boots don’t attract a lot of attention; instead, they’re stylish in a more classic way. Consider getting these boots in the simple chestnut shade, because they’ll go with almost anything you wear.

Ugg Australia Women’s Lynnea Clog

As mentioned above, Ugg has greatly expanded their offerings over the years. Now, you can find not just boots, but also sandals, slippers and even clogs! Clogs are extremely trendy this season, and Ugg’s take on the famous shoe is at once stylish and warm.With a suede and leather upper and a sheepskin fleece lining, these shoes give you a bit of extra height. Perfect for the girl who wants to stay warm and fashionable at once, these look great with a dress and a pair of thick tights.

Ugg Australia Women’s Coquette Sheepskin Slippers
Second to the classic style, the slip-on sheepskin slippers created by Ugg are one of the most popular styles out there.Warm, cozy and comfortable, these slippers are fully lined with sheepskin and have a soft, flexible outer. They’re constructed to mold to your foot, so you’ll never want to take them off. Best of all, they’re fashionable enough to wear out in public – while they’re clearly comfortable slippers, they won’t look ridiculous out and about in the world.


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Understanding Different Styles of Uggs

Ugg footwear has gained popularity for being one of the best boots worn at all times, anywhere with different types of outfits. Since they were first introduced in the United States, they still use a lightweight material called sheepskin which makes them more comfortable and luxurious. In addition to that, they provide a cozy and warm place due to the fleece lining and comes with a variety of styles and colors. Therefore, understanding different styles of Uggs is very paramount so as to identify the one that suits you best. Since they are made from quality material, Ugg shoes are durable and also fashionable footwear

There are a variety of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to Ugg boots which are based on various factors such as the taste of an individual. The good news is that they are now available in both offline and online stores. However, you need to be keen before you invest your money since there are various stores out there with fake products which resemble different styles on Uggs. So how are you supposed to get a quality Ugg boots? You can either conduct an online search or seek for reference from your friends on how to identify the best trending Ugg style. Just to name a few, below are some of the different styles of Uggs in the market today, they include:

Classic Ugg boots – this could be tall, short or the classic crochet and they are believed to keep your feet warm and comfy at all-time whether it is winter or summer time. In additional to that, they are installed with wool fleece which helps in prevention of moisture buildup. This enables one to wear them even without socks since the feet stays dry.

The modern Ugg boots – this is another category whereby comfort is sufficiently emphasized which boosts the confidence of an individual. Cove and Stella are styles that can fit in different kind of outfits and are designed in a way that thy give a stylish and elegant appearance.

The Fluffie Uggs – they are cheap compared to other types and have both high quality and thus providing maximum comfort. They are available in all sizes and with a variety of color to choose from which makes it tough for an individual to make a prudent decision while choosing one.

The Argyle Ugg boots – what makes this style unique is because it has a wool blend knit which increase the comfort. They are versatile and comes along with a broad range of color choices to choose from and a friendly price.

The Amelie style – this type mainly consists if suede and a rope and soft insoles that provide comfort and arch support to your feet as you walk. As a matter of fact, it is very paramount to know that they comfort offered a significant role as far as your feet health is concerned.

The above, different styles of Uggs are just some of the many styles there is on the market today. To get the best style make sure you spare some time to check online on some of the best-selling styles and always trust your instinct while choosing your favorite Ugg.

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Origin of Ugg Boots

Ugg boots or Uggs as their devoted wearers of the shoes affectionately call them are one of the most popular styles of shoes ever to hit the markets world wide and they have taken the fashion world by storm and even the regular shoe buying public has caught on to the Ugg boot craze these days. Look in any fashion magazine or even any tabloid and you will see the super stars, music artistes, actors and other people in the public eye wearing Uggs at work and at play. Most paparazzi pictures of film stars these days have at least one pair of Uggs playing a starring role in the pictures such is the wide adoption of the shoes. The shoes are equally popular on both sides of the Atlantic in both Europe and North America and the United Kingdom and they are a house hold name nowadays in most countries and have assimilated themselves into pop culture completely.

This winter has seen the highest sales of Uggs ever as this has turned out to be one of the harshest winters ever witnesses or recorded in recent history and the severity of the cold has paralysed most of continental Europe and North America’s air traffic, rail traffic and even the roads have been covered with feet of snow in places that do not usually see snow. In the sub zero temperatures and the snowy weather there is only one shoe that is purpose built for going out and that is a pair of original Ugg boots. Built out of a pure sheep skin upper with fleece lining on the inside and a calf skin on the outside Uggs will keep your feet warm and dry and you immensely comfortable no matter how chilly the temperature is outside. With their soft rubber or synthetic soles they not only afford great traction in the icy conditions but are also comfortable enough to keep on all through the day whether you are trudging about through the snow or curled up in front of a fire.

The origins of Uggs are very disputed with both Australia and New Zealand claiming to be the originators of the Ugg boot. The term Ugg boots are in fact a generic term in those countries even though in the rest of the world the copyright of the term is held by an American company. No matter who owns the rights to the Uggs name though they remain one of the hottest selling and most adored styles of shoes to hit the markets in recent years.UGG boots were first made in Australia in the nineteenth century and since then they have been used by people for decades. At first, UGG footwear were introduced as well lined sheepskin boots that included woolen filler and a ring of wool at the front of the shoe which was used to keep the feet warm of the person wearing it. These boots were used to keep the feet warm in extreme cold areas and they served this purpose well.


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Care and cleaning of your Uggs

This is the official video for how to clean and take care of your classic Ugg boots. Stay tuned as we will post more shortly.

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